Vojtech Rinik

JavaScript, the everyday language

Posted on 2012/9/20

When I first learned Ruby, I used it everywhere. Not because I was that excited about it, but it was so much easier to do things with Ruby than any other language I knew at the time. (PHP and C.)

I think everybody has a favorite tool they use when they need to do some simple task. For some it's good old UNIX utilities, for some it's Ruby or Python, and for some it's Automator.

I think JavaScript just became mine. In the recent week, I wrote a Node.js script that would find me the best schedule for school (optimization algorithm of sorts), then I ran the same code in the browser and displayed visualization of results using D3. It looked something like this:

D3 Visualization of my school schedule

In our school, once you decide on schedule, you have to sign up for time slots, and you have to do it quickly. (Because others will take your slots.) It always crashes our servers, so I built an Express app that checks status and displays an appropriate GIF. (Up or down.)

Now I'm about to write a script that will check the system over and over again, and warn be when there are new time units available. Node.js happens to be perfect for this.

Reasons why I enjoy working with JavaScript: