Vojtech Rinik

So long, Retina

Posted on 2012/9/15

A while ago, I decided it's time to upgrade my three years old MacBook Pro. The new Retina MacBook Pro seemed like an amazing choice, so I just went for it.

I was enchanted. Retina screen was crystal-clear, the outside looked beautiful and weighed nothing. Everything was perfect. But after couple of days I started noticing some of the well known problems.

As it is always with Apple, there is one more thing. Some of the new Retina screens suffer from a picture burn in issue. The related discussion on Apple Forums is over 200 pages long.

If you own a Retina MacBook Pro, it's quite likely that your display has this problem too. It took me a month to notice it. An easy test is to open a gray background, position an empty Safari window over it, leave it like that for 20 minutes, and than move the window. You'll see that the original window area is much lighter.

It's not something that disturbs your normal workflow, but once you see it, you just know your perfect machine is not perfect at all. The worst thing about it all is that getting a replacement is a lottery. Your new laptop might or might not have this issue.

I got rid of my Retina MacBook Pro today.