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ECAHO assessments are only intended for participants from ECAHO Member countries.

Please read the Blue Book rules carefully (II. Addendum - Training and promotion of Judges)


  • Those willing to become ECAHO Judges need first to contact their National organization (ECAHO Member). The National organizations are responsible for the education of their National Judges and may set their own education programs and conditions.
  • After being placed on the National list you can immediately apply for Level I assessment.
  • ECAHO Level I is combined theoretical and practical course for National Judges who already have good knowledge and experience from individual judging.
  • After having passed Level I you will be placed on the ECAHO National Judges' list. You will be also asked to fulfil certain number of probations (typically 2-3) - each with different A Judge, at different venues, in different countries.
  • When you have all probations done (and all probationer reports are properly received by ECAHO Office), you can apply for Level II course. This is organized similarly to the Level I but it is much tougher. The Instructors expect high level of knowledge, extensive experience with Arabian horses and self-confidence in judging.
  • Then, the last step is to be approved by the Executive Committee and the Show Commission and you can be listed as ECAHO B Judge.


  • Probationers can be accepted at all levels of shows, except A and Title shows. 
  • Probationer pays all his costs.
  • Probationer willing to do the probation must contact the selected A Judge and ask for acceptance. Approval from the show organizer is required as well.
  • Only one probationer per show is allowed.
  • Probationer acts as Judge at the show - which means he/she must comply with all Blue Book rules and additional conditions given by the National organization.
  • Probationer does not get copy of the Probationer report. This report is for need of the Instructors only and serves as additional document for Level II assessment.
  • List of A-Judges who can accept probationers is available HERE.

Probationer report by Senior Judge

  • ON-LINE form
  • PDF form is available to download at the right side of the 

ECAHO Judges Training Manual in English and Arabiac is available HERE.