National Judges & Officials

National Judges are those who are listed on the National Judges´ List of ECAHO Members and Associate Members. National Judges are allowed to judge the following categories of ECAHO shows: Amateur, Breeders´ show, D regional, C National, C International, C European, Specific Origin and National Championships. 

ECAHO Judges´ Manual - available HERE

National Judges´ lists of ECAHO organizations (please click on name of the country on right the side of this page to open the list of National Officials).

  • Austria (VVÖ)
  • Bahrain (BREEF)
  • Belgium (BAPS)
  • Czech Republic (ACHPAK) - no National Judges´ list
  • Denmark (DSAH)
  • Egypt (EAO & EAHBA)
  • France (ACA)
  • Germany (VZAP)
  • Great Britain (AHS)
  • Hungary (MALE)
  • Iran (IRIEF)
  • Iran (IAA)
  • Israel (IAHS)
  • Italy (ANICA)
  • Jordan (RJEF) - no National Judges´ list
  • Kuwait (Bait Al Arab)
  • Lebanon (SPARCA) - no National Judges´ list
  • Libya (AHA-LY & LAHBS)
  • Morocco (ARMECPSA)
  • The Netherlands (AVS)
  • Norway (NAHF)
  • Oman (Royal Cavalry)
  • Palestine (PEF)
  • Poland (KOWR) - no National Judges´ list
  • Poland (PZHKA)
  • Qatar (QREC)
  • Russia (NOAL) - no National Judges´ list
  • Russia (RAHBA)
  • Saudi Arabia (KAAHC)
  • Spain (AECCA)
  • Sweden (SAHF)
  • Switzerland (SZAP)
  • Syria (SAHA)
  • United Arab Emirates (EAHS)