Sport Judges

Judges for Classic, Western, Driving

Accepted Judges have to have a license valid for the year of the event, discipline and level, issued by: ECAHO (Pleasure Classes and Trail), NF/FEI (Dressage, Show Jumpiong), NRHA/AQHA (Western), USEF/AHA (other).

ECAHO Sport Judges

ECAHO is educating and approving Sport Judges in order to give the Halter Show organizers a good possibility to have well-trained and experienced Judges for all Pleasure and Trail classes fitting well to the halter shows. To become ECAHO approved Sport Judge, the following steps must be fulfilled:

  1. to attend ECAHO education courses which contain practical lessons with horses
  1. to pass written test
  1. to pass the test judging during competition
  1. to act at least two times as a probationer at an Arabian horse sport event
  1. to be accepted by the ECAHO Executive Committee
Judges´ card for ECAHO Sport Judges is valid for all classes with rankings: Classis Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Ladies Side Saddle, Hunter Pleasure, Traditional Arabian Riding, Pleasure Driving, Trail, Hand Trail. Not valid for classes with scoring (points).

Courses 2024

ECAHO Sport Judges' education Pleasure & Trail
May 2024, WTC Schulz, Wiener Neustadt

Information will be placed here as soon as there is a final date.

Courses 2023

No course is planned for 2023.