Sport rules

General rules

All events must be recognized by or affiliated with the National Fenederation (NF) and Official Western Organization of the hosting country. Starting with Level M, a license for rider and a registration for the horse as competition horse from the National Riding Association is obligatory. Horse passport (no  FEI passport) is required. The horse must be registered at any recognized WAHO Studbook.


ECAHO N - Level NOVICE (= low level). Degree of difficulty is not specified and it is up to the organizer. The N level has to be lower than level A. The sport competitions of this level should be adapted to the local needs and to novice riders and should serve as base to prepare for the level A.

  • Dressage (FEI Children/NF rules)
  • Trail 6 obstacles, no combinations
  • Pleasure classes: walk, trot, canter, back
  • Show jumping max. 80 cm

ECAHO A - Level ADVANCED (= medium level)

  • Dressage FEI Pony/NF/FEI
  • Trail 8 obstacles, two combinations, 4 poles elevated
  • Pleasure classes: walk, trot, canter, back, extended trot
  • Show jumping max. 90 cm, time & fault 2 jump off pony

ECAHO M - Level MASTER (= high level)

  • Dressage (FEI Pony Juniors)
  • Trail 10 and more obstacles, three to four combinations, minimum 6 poles elevated
  • Pleasure classes: walk, trot, canter, back, extended trot, handgallop
  • Show jumping Pony, 105 cm, 2 jump off

M level is qualifying for participation at the European Championships. Qualification to M competitions is recommended.

Accepted Rulebooks

  • ECAHO Green Book
  • NF (National Equestrian Federation, member of FEI)
  • NRHA/AQHA (Reining)
  • USEF-AHA (Arabian Horse Association USA)